The 3 Things Every Man Needs In His Medicine Cabinet

Every man with any kind of a sex life should be prepared at all times.  Keeping these 3 things in your place will help ease your mind and keep you a little more calm in times of stress.  Remember, our goal as men is to NOT CAUSE AN ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCY!  Read on and take notes boys!

CONDOMS!  Yeah, you need to have a good supply of condoms around for when the mood strikes.  If you have the opportunity to finally bang that hottie you’ve been working on, you need to be covered (literally) for that occasion.  I usually order my condoms in bulk, typically packs of 50-100, and I always have some in my car and backpack as well as my bedside table, just in case.  Check out this blog post I made all about condoms HERE, and try my favorite condom vendor at the link below.

PLAN B!  “The morning after pill”.  Did you know you can just BUY it?!?  And on Amazon no less!  You no longer have to have an embarrassing trip to the drug store with your lady friend to get this stuff.  If you have a condom break at that inopportune moment, or you were just an idiot and thinking with the wrong head, you will need some Plan B, quickly.  The longer the woman waits to take it, the less effective it will be, and the less likely she will actually take it.  It’s always best to have some on hand, ready to go so she doesn’t have too much time to think about it (“Hmm, do I want to have a baby of my own?  I could always get child support from this dumb ass…”).  Keep in mind that you cannot trick or force a woman into taking Plan B, it has to be her choice to do so, and a larger lady will need a higher dose for it to be effective.  I recommend having two pills on-hand at all times.  Read more about all this at the blog post about Plan B HERE.

PREGNANCY TESTS!  Sometimes one or both parties in a sexual two-some will freak out a bit about the possibility of pregnancy, I know I do on occasion.  It’s always nice to have a couple boxes of decent pregnancy tests around.  Even though every woman I’ve ever had unprotected sex with had an IUD, sometimes you get that feeling, and having a pregnancy test ready to go can ease your minds in two minutes (that’s how long they take to give you accurate results).  Plus, she’ll be impressed you’re so prepared.  Be a man, buy some pregnancy tests!

If you’re absolutely, positively dead-set on doing everything you can to reduce the possibility of pregnancy, then you might want my BOOK too.