Female Condoms

The lesser known version of the condom is the female condom.  This is a condom that goes inside the vagina and stays there, then the man can lube up and go to town.  It’s a super simple idea and works very well.  I’ve used them and actually prefer the sensation to using a normal condom, but more on that in a minute.  Plus, they are fantastic for threesomes!

Let’s talk about all the positives and negatives before getting into exactly how to use one of these things.


1.) They FEEL BETTER.  Seriously.  With a condom you generally have a thin piece of rubber tightly wrapped around your penis (unless you get the “larger tip” kind), which will decrease sensation.  Anyone who has had a partner who they went condomless with can tell you there’s a difference.  Because of how the female condom works, your sensation is actually heightened in comparison to traditional condoms.  You may be thinking “Well what about the girl?  Is her sensation lessened?”  I had the same question and the answer is “it depends”.  Most women I’ve used them with and spoken to about them have said that they can’t tell the difference.  Experiment with your partner and see what works best for both of you.

2.) Less chance of breaking/slipping.  As you may have read in my condoms article, I’ve had a few negative experiences with traditional condoms breaking or slipping off (luckily I’m still Not A Father ;), but these things are much less likely to happen with a female condom.  Once in place, you don’t have to change out a female condom or really worry about it slipping.  Pretty sweet.

3.) Great for THREESOMES!  I love threesomes, but there’s always an added difficulty factor with protection when there are THREE people involved.  Female condoms solve this problem.  If you’re already having unprotected sex with your primary partner and invite another girl to the party, instead of fumbling with traditional condoms in between women, you can insert a female condom in your guest star, and switch between women seamlessly.  It’s fantastic. 


1.) They’re a bit awkward.  Inserting them is tricky, but luckily they don’t require you to have an erection, so try to have a little fun with it.  I suggest you start by performing some cunnilingus for a bit, then when you’re positive she’s enjoying herself, slowly insert the female condom while still going down on her.  This can actually add to the pleasure and once you get the hang of it, you will both enjoy the process. 

2.) They are expensive.  They are quite a bit more expensive than traditional condoms.  I assume this is in part because there are more materials involved in production and they are not very popular or widely used.  Sad, but true.

3.) They look funny.  There is always a “ring” of condom visible on the outside of the vagina, you just need to get used to the look.

Okay, so what exactly is a female condom and what do they look like?  Imagine a larger version of a male condom with a large ring at the open end, and a smaller plastic ring in the closed end.  The smaller ring is compressed within the condom and inserted all the way to the back of the vagina, leaving the larger ring and opening completely outside of the vagina.  This video will help…

They are a little difficult to find for sale as well.  I’ve just been buying them on Amazon, but search around and see if you can find a better source.  It’s great to have a small supply of them around for those special threesome occasions, or if you’ve got the money just use them all the time.

So yeah, they take some getting used to, but once you try them, I’m sure you’ll agree the sensation is significantly better than traditional condoms.