Book Review – She Comes First – How To Go Down On A Girl

Ever wondered how to make a girl orgasm?  Or how to go down on a girl?  Well read on my friends.

This book is amazing.  Seriously.  If there’s one single piece of advice about sex that I would recommend to men (aside from safe sex practices and pregnancy prevention of course) it would be to read this book.  It took my oral game from mediocre to expert in very little time.  The entire theme of the book is cunnilingus (oral sex).  It tells you exactly how to do it, and how to do it well. 

It starts out with a review of female arousal and the female orgasm, which, let’s face it, we could all use a little light shed on that subject.  It then moves on to female anatomy with an emphasis on the parts of the clitoris.  That’s right, I said PARTS with an S.  There are many more parts to the clitoris than meets the eye, both external and internal which are involved in pleasing a woman.  The book has illustrations that make each part very clear, and has correct anatomical names that will be referred to throughout the other chapters.

The next set of chapters are all on foreplay; how to turn her on, what to do before you ever even touch her, and how that ties in to her arousal in general.  It then moves on to the actual oral event; how to position yourself, which positions are terrible (69ing among others), and how long to expect it to take.  This comprises the first half of the book.  The second half is all about exactly how to go down on her.  It goes into some amazing detail and like I said earlier, completely changed my view on and technique of oral.

I have since been with many more women, and the response has been extremely positive.  I’ve gotten some serious compliments since reading this book, which I had never received prior.  Things like…

 “Holy shit, that was one of the best orgasms of my life!”

“No one has EVER made me feel like that!”

“You’ve completely ruined me for other men!”

“I don’t cum from oral.” 5 minutes later… “Oh my GOD! How did you do that?!”

And on and on and on… 

And no, I’m not bragging (ok, maybe a little), I’m just trying to stress how important this skill is, and how much this book can help you advance your sexual career.  It even goes into some detail about safe sex.  I recommend this book to ANYONE who wants to please a woman, including women.  If you and your girl are game for a threesome, but she’s nervous about going down on the woman, she should read this book.  Afterwards she’ll be excited to dive right in, trust me.

The book is on Amazon for a whole $12.  Just buy it and thank me later.  Click on the link below (which is an affiliate link of course), or just google the title and I won’t make the extra $1 of affiliate money.  I don’t care, just read the damned thing!