Are you serious about not being a father?

Hesitant to get a vasectomy?

Looking for alternative options of birth control?

So was I.

I decided to take control of my own fertility and spent the last few years researching and testing ways of decreasing a man’s sperm count. 

I found a method that can lower your sperm count to ZERO, lasts up to 6 months per treatment, has few to no side effects, and is completely reversible in the short term.

This treatment involves heating the testicles in order to shut down sperm production. It takes 45 minutes per day for 3 weeks, after that you will have no sperm for up to 6 months! 

Normal fertility typically returns in 2-3 months after the treatment wears off. Think of it like a temporary vasectomy.

All the information is backed up by real, peer reviewed clinical studies and scientific articles.  I didn’t just make this stuff up, I did my research.  All of these articles have links within the book, so you can read the same studies I used if you like.

What’s in the book?

I show you exactly how to decrease your sperm count to ZERO.

I give you a list of cheap supplies to easily do the treatment accurately.

I show you multiple ways to verify your sperm count at home.

I discuss possible negative outcomes and what to do ahead of time.

I link to many scientific papers and resources I used that lead me to write this book so you can read them too.

Need more convincing?

A sperm count of less than ten million (per milliliter) is considered “poor”, and a man with this sperm count is much less likely to cause a pregnancy in a fertile woman.  If your sperm count is zero, guess what your chances of causing a pregnancy are?  Pretty much zero.

Even if a man’s girlfriend (or wife, or partner, or “friend with benefits”) is on birth control, some men are still worried about causing an accidental pregnancy.  If she’s on a less reliable form of birth control like the Pill, this concern is well warranted, I would be worried too!  Just think about the peace of mind you’ll have with a sperm count of zero. 

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